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Road to Redevelopment

Nayan Dedhia, Director, Toughcons Nirman, in conversation with R Srinivasan, says redevelopment is the way forward for land-starved Mumbai.

Does cluster development yield a better Floor Space Index (FSI) for developers?

Mumbai, a city steeped in history, is on the brink of a transformative era with the introduction of the ClusterDevelopment policy. This innovative approach involves the collective redevelopment of numerous agingbuildings and complexes, ushering in a new era of planned urban development. With thousands of structures inthe city and suburbs set to benefit, the cluster development policy holds the key to not only revitalising thelandscape but also providing additional floor space index (FSI) for residents is a welcome boon for both realestate developers and those residing in decades-old buildings.

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1 Comment

Impressive insights from Nayan Dedhia! The focus on cluster development and its potential to revitalize Mumbai's urban landscape while providing additional FSI is commendable. This approach not only benefits real estate developers but also enhances living conditions for residents in aging buildings.

Keep up the great work,

Mr. Nayan Dedhia,

Toughcons Nirman Pvt Ltd!

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