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When the society doesn't have a plan

A society decides to go with self redevelopment without
a leader or a plan the project starts falling behind.

When the society lacks industry expertise

The lack of industry expertise affects the project progress
adversely as it creates variance in the expectation and
the actual and the project goes off track.

Because every project is unique and the structure
of the project needs to be custom made and implemented

Every self redevelopment project comes with different
challenges and the same needs to be tackled in its own
unique way.

When the project requires Transparency

Every venture having financial involvements should
maintain transparency. Also maintenance of all relevant
records, appointment of professionals and contractors to
the satisfaction of every member is a complex job.

When Managing risk and uncertainties related to vendors is needed

Lack of vendor communication and information sharing
leads to an extra layer of uncertainty and risk to the
project. Frequent and regular interval communication
was essential to the success of this project.

When an unexpected crisis arises?

Society Every individual is busy in their personal lives and it becomes difficult to reach any time of the day. Also, not everyone has the skills and expertise to manage any crises that were unwarranted for.

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